Our 1000 Worms are Experts –
when it comes to organic waste

We love vermicomposting and are impressed by the huge potential these little animals have.
Instead of burning organic waste or dumping it in landfills it is much more eco-friendly to let composting worms help you convert it into fertile soil.

vermicomposting in time-lapse

day 0

day 14

day 21

Wooden Wormseats

Our wooden wormboxes make composting inside easy and stylish – and they even serve as seats ! The wooden wormseats are made with love in our small workhop in Austria. We offer you Ready-to-use wormboxes, DIY-kits and you can build a wormbox yourself in one of our workshops.

Further informations

Healthy Worms

We offer you a mixture of native and local Eisenia subspecies, better known as red worms, red wigglers, brandling worms and tigerworms. We ship them in different quantities with and without bedding material.

Further Informations

Why 1000 Worms?

A person produces around 150g of organic waste per day. 1000 Worms can eat exactly the same amount daily and produce vermicompost. Vermicompost has already a higher value than crude oil.

About us

Thomas (right) and David Witzeneder are a pair of brothers from Upper Austria. Thomas is a carpenter and David is studying Agriculture. Together they are renting a little workspace and they develop the wormboxes of the future, constructing wooden Wormseats on their own with a lot love! With their start-up 1000Worms and wurmkiste.at the brothers want to inspire people and propagate the huge potential those little composting worms have.


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